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Reliable | Monitored | 4G | Cloud Based Video

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  • 1080P AHD, 2.0 Megapixel, Waterproof cameras

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DVS/FORS Compliant Blind spot detection kit

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Event notifications can be provided by e-mail or from within our tracking portal. Our 4G solution enables instantaneous downloading.

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  • 256GB & 2TB options with 4 camera support

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External left turn alarm and dashboard display

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If you have an in-cab monitor, prevent driver distraction by only displaying images when required. I.e. Reverse engaged, Indicators on. We can show multiple camera feeds, or a single feed.

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The iNAV Roadstream SD DVR provides the ideal solution for organisations looking for a reliable camera recording system. It has a maximum storage capacity of 256GB and can have up to four 1080P high-definition cameras connected.

Its compact size means it can be discreetly installed, even in smaller vehicles. All DVRs within the range benefit from an HDMI output, providing fantastic picture quality should you decide to connect the HDMI monitor.

The DVR is 4G enabled providing the ability to view the cameras in real-time and download historical footage when required. Importantly, our Live platform can also provide immediate health reports should the DVR detect a fault with a camera, or the storage medium.


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