iNAV-V "Plug & Play" option

Easy self install

Navtrack provide an “OBDII Plug and Play” vehicle tracking device that can be self-installed in light commercial vehicles & cars. The mobile tracker can be fitted in seconds with no special tools or experience and its mobility means it can be transferred quickly between vehicles as required.

OBDii unit.jpeg
Steering Wheel

How it works

If you decide to purchase our iNAV-V "Plug & Play" option, Navtrack will send you the number of OBDII devices required for the quantity of vehicles you are subscribing to the iNAV-V platform service.
You simply plug them into the OBDII port on your identified vehicles for tracking.
We will then code each device to the platform and provision your log-in to the portal and your "live".


OBDII Device

The “OBDII Plug and Play” GPS vehicle tracking device is simply installed in the vehicles OBDII (The vehicles on board diagnostic port – Normally found in or around the drivers foot-well).


  • Simple

  • Plug and play

  • No Installation costs

  • Up and running in minutes

  • No vehicle or fleet downtime

  • Quick replacement unit for fast fleet expansion

  • No defitting or refitting costs when you defleet a vehicle

  • Ideal for lease, contract hire short term rental vehicles