• Panic Alert (SMS, Call, Online)

  • Welfare check

  • Journey reporting

  • Live locations

  • Privacy feature

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Businesses that work with field staff can now optimize performance and improve the safety of their field staff with the help of the iNAV-P Personal tracker. The iNAV-P can help in field staff tracking, task assignment and quick resolution of assigned jobs.

Live tracking

The app can track employees using GPS connectivity. The platform allows managers to track and locate field staff. 

The field staff can locate clients on the map instead of contacting managers for guidance. 

Task Assignment

A big advantage of the iNAV-P app is that the objective of field staff tracking is to distribute tasks between employees. Managers see the location of field staff and determine their availability. They can then send field staff to different jobs based on experience, skills and availability.

Quick job resolution

Managers can prioritise jobs according to availability of field staff. They can determine which is to be done first and which job can be put on hold for a short while. In this way, the managers can manage customer service in the best possible manner.  

Timesheet maintenance

Employees can maintain their daily timesheet through iNAV-P. They enter their job startup and concluding time in the app and it is both, easy and timesaving. Timesheet errors are minimised. 


Businesses that work with field staff can utilise iNAV-P to optimise performance of their field employees. Also you don’t need technical staff to use the app. It is user friendly so that everyone can take advantage of the application.

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Peace of mind

iNAV-P's timed routine check-in sessions are a pro-active approach to lone worker monitoring. A lone worker chooses a set time which they need to check-in by to advise the monitoring team that they are ok. If the lone worker fails to check in once the set time has been reached, then an alarm is automatically raised.

Response assured

  • Audio & visual alert displays on screen to monitoring team

  • Alerts are provided to selected recipients immediately & viewable by SMS, Call and the web app  

  • The app automatically dials a preset emergency number so monitoring teams can listen to the situation and escalate accordingly  

  • The app automatically sends an SMS message with location details 


smartphone app

Convenient smartphone application therefore no additional or dedicated lone worker devices are required

GPS location

Using GPS, iNAV-P provides full visibility of lone workers on live mapping, together with 
detailed reporting

welfare check

An automated timer activated by the lone worker to notify administrators of regular monitoring intervals

email & sms notifications

Panic alarms automatically trigger email/text alerts to designated recipients, detailing the lone worker's current location

automated panic alarms

If a Welfare check period expires without the lone worker responding, a panic alarm is automatically activated notifying company administrators

open audio facility

If a panic alarm is
 activated a preassigned number will be automatically dialled allowing an administrator to listen to the situation