Q How much does the system cost?

Our pricing policy is completely open and transparent and will be based on a detailed analysis of your requirements. This is to ensure that we provide you with the most cost effective solution.


How many computers can I have the vehicle tracking/mapping software on?

Our vehicle tracking and trailer tracking software is cloud based so can be viewed from any computer. There is no licence restriction to the number of users

Q How are updates applied to the vehicle tracking device and the vehicle tracking software?

A Updates to the vehicle tracking device are carried out ‘over the air’ there will be no disruption whilst the vehicle tracking device is being updated. Similarly, updates to the vehicle tracking software are carried out automatically with no disruption to the user.

Q How reliable is the signal and are there any Black Spots?

A Should the vehicle be driven through a low network coverage area, the vehicle tracking data is still collected in the tracking device and transmitted to our server once the driver regains network coverage

Q Will the vehicle tracking system work abroad?

Yes, the Navtrack Vehicle Tracking system will work anywhere in world where you have a GPS and GPRS signal

Q How long will it take to install?

A A standard vehicle tracker install will take approximately one hour per vehicle. Install of a camera system may take up to two hours. Installations can be carried out at any location in mainland UK.

Q What happens when I change my fleet?

We can send our engineers out to remove the tracking system from the old vehicle, and reinstall it in the new one at our standard install charge. 

Q How long does it take to deliver the system?

A We are normally able to deliver and install your vehicle tracking and/or camera system within 7 working days of a completed order.

Q Can the tracker be found easily?

No, the vehicle tracking device is installed covertly and is entirely hidden from view.