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30 years experience in Telecommunications, GPS and SAAS

Navtrack Ltd provides our customers with innovative solutions to significantly improve their business’ profitability by optimising efficiency and reducing costs of fleet and asset management. Our tracking and telematics solutions (iNav) are applied to vehicles of all types in a wide variety of business, industrial and agricultural sectors. Additionally, we provide lone worker, mobile based apps for the purpose of ensuring the safety of workers and their efficient management.

With 30 years of experience covering telecommunications, wireless, GNSS/GPS, software and hardware and the support of a team of software designers/engineers, we listen to your business issues and can develop and deliver tailored solutions rapidly.

You, as a valued customer, are provided with accessibility to a highly advanced, easy to use web portal dedicated to your business which may be accessed by PC/Laptop, iOS or Android devices.

We are dedicated to providing you with solutions which provide savings in time, money and resource which, as you will find, can and will result in short term return on investment. We can confidently state that our solution pays for itself in months if utilised as a core component of your fleet management system.

Further, customer satisfaction, productivity and safety are rapidly improved as is compliance with legal obligations.

A team of software developers and engineers are available and, whilst dependent upon complexity and resourcing, we are listening and willing to consider actioning product development for your specific needs.


48A Duke Street


TD12 4BS

United Kingdom

+44 (0)7963 321037

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