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When you need to Know, Where, When, What, How & Why?

Navtrack's "iNAV" suite has the feature rich, quality and ease of use which puts your mobile workforce intelligence at your fingertips whether at your desktop or via our mobile apps. Utilising our well established software platform together with the GPS/GPRS mobile hardware, iNAV allows you full spectrum awareness tracking your vehicles, assets and people.

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iNAV Roadstream
For your fleet
  • HGV fleets

  • Van fleets

  • Taxis

  • And more


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Vehicle/Driver efficiency & safety

Improve efficiency, customer service, reduce cost, optimise profit, duty of care compliance.

A study of businesses across all sectors of industry, by the RAC, said that 68% of businesses using telematics saw a reduction in fuel bills, while 55% saw a reduction in wear and tear and 48% said there was a reduction in downtime for their vehicles, contributing to further savings.


Awareness, Efficiency, Cost control, Safety & Profitability

Whether your assets are sales or service people, a fleet of delivery vehicles or electrician/plumbers, on-site assets you expect to stay on-site, mobile nursing staff or a countless number of different business types who require efficiency and safety within their mobile or transport departments; Whatever you need to identify, locate, track or reassign to allow you full control and view a full spectrum of mobility within your business, iNAV is a powerful suite of products which can provide the simplest of routine tracking to feature rich functionality which can significantly impact your business's bottom line.

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Vehicle Tracking



Asset Tracking

Plumber Fixing Sink


Personal Tracking

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DVR Camera System

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Navtrack Ltd provide our customers with innovative solutions to significantly improve their business’ profitability by optimising efficiency and reducing costs of fleet and asset management. Our tracking and telematics solutions (iNav) are applied to vehicles of all types in a wide variety of business, industrial and agricultural sectors. Additionally, we provide lone worker, mobile based apps for the purpose of ensuring the safety of workers and their efficient management.


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